Must images stored in the OPV Online have an EAN code?

No, OPV Online is a true Digital Asset Management. Images stored can be connected to an active GTIN, but the system can also store various documents or media and they do not require a GTIN.

Can the supplier supply with digital images for storage in the system OPV Online?

Absolutely. Our services for photography and photo-retouching is for all suppliers wishing to supplement on those services for its image storage on OPV Online. OPV has quality requirements and validation requirements that must be followed if you want to upload digital photos to OPV Online.

I forgot my login details?

If you have forgotten your login details then OPV can not email them to you, you must apply for new login details. Passwords for all user accounts in our systems is encrypted, so not even OPV can see them. Have you forgotten your username (usually your e-mail address) you can email us at OPV to have it sent to you, but you must generate new passwords again.

My company wants to use product images with mirroring effect, where do I upload and how are those validated?

Product images with an active GTIN and different sorts of effects, such as mirroring, can only be published in OPV Online system. As long as the image also has a proper work path or clipping path, OPV’s machine validation can create a primary product image that is GS1 approved. The uploaded original image with mirror effect is published as a secondary product image without clipping path.

My company has always both market image and space images photographed as No-Plunge (from the front). Do I have to upload to the both tabbed section for Market image and Space image?

If you are Loading up images that can function as the original Image for both systems, then upload them only to the tab: Market Images. The image will be machine validated and then manually validated to fit both systems. Please write in the order description, that the Image is for both systems.

The only high resolution images my company has is in the file format *.eps, how do I upload these?

OPV Orders machine validation can not validate images in the file format *.eps. These images must be saved into a file format that is supported by OPV Order alternatively be uploaded to the tab “Other pictures”. Note that the primary images linked to an active GTIN and uploaded to the “Other pictures”, will be charged according to the production costs of post processing of image.