OPV® has for over 20 years been one of the industry leaders in cloud-based PIM & DAM systems. We develop and operate OPV® Online, which is both DAM & PIM for the grocery and pharmacy industry. OPV® Online stores article data for suppliers and is regulated via EU 1169/2011. OPV® Online also has the functionality to retrieve data from GDSN®, which means that the important SSOT can be maintained with great certainty.

An unlimited number of digital assets can be linked to each product data, such as product images, assortment images, environmental images, logos, Hero Images etc. All product images are automatically regulated against GS1® Product Image Specification, so that digital assets will most assuredly reach your recipients according industry standard.

Some of the clients to OPV® Online: Arla Foods, Coca-Cola Enterprises Sverige, Lantmännen Cerealia, Orkla Care, Apoteksgruppen, Guldfågeln, Procter & Gamble, Findus Nordic, Haugen-Gruppen, JTI-Sweden, and others

Via OPV® API, you can access any other system, externally or internally. You can always automatically reach receiving customers, e-commerce systems, own front-end systems etc. OPV® Online can with its powerful API give you a tool that retrieves data and images from multiple systems and then automatically synchronize this to any other receiving system.

Customer example of implementation of OPV® API towards front-end: https://www.arla.se/produkter/

The entire Arla Foods product range on its own website retrieves product data, product marks, categorisations and images on-demand with the API connection to OPV® Online.

When our customers after all store quality-controlled data and images in our PIM & DAM – OPV® Online, the step was not so far for us to develop a cloud-based application for the production of labels, product catalogues, assortment lists, purchase lists, etc. The system is called OPV® Easy Label Creator. All data and images are retrieved on-demand from OPV® Online and can then be used by anyone internally or externally, generating all kinds of printed matter. No previous knowledge of original production is required and all generated printed matter are production ready.

Some of the clients to OPV® Easy Label Creator: Arla Foods, Coca-Cola Enterprises Sverige, Lantmännen Unibake, Systembolaget, Nybergs Bageri La Lorraine, and others.

We also have a pure DAM system, OPV® Storage. This cloud-based system for digital assets is not linked to any industry standard or for that matter any particular segment. Here you get a system that you can completely customize for your particular organization and where you build up your own product database, categories, rights system, etc. The system can handle all kinds of media, documents, movies, images, etc.

OPV® Storage comes with API add-on for on-the-fly synchronization to any back-end or front-end, including Omni Channels.

Some of the clients to OPV® Storage: Findus Nordic, Glitter, Viking Toys, Netto, Make up store, Dahl Sverige and others.