OPV® Web service

A Web Service is a set of techniques to transfer data between computers in a simple and standardized way. Web Services are thus technologies for creating APIs (Application Programming Interface) that enables computers to exchange data with each other over the network or internet.

Web Services always exposes  a data contract that tells the calling system which functions that are available, how it wants to be called, and how the returning data will be structured. This makes it easy for the calling system to automatically set up the connection to the Web service, and always know how the returned data will be structured.

OPV® Web service for export of Image and Product data

OPV’s goal has always been to distribute the Suppliers product information and media to all who require it – and our Web services is one of the main channels. We have had Webservices for export of image and product information running for over 9 years, and exports data to over 35 different receivers. All from Suppliers wanting image and product information on their websites, to the Retailers advertising agencies, e-commerce, mobile applications, POS system, and much more.

OPV has a general Web service which among other things exposes functionality which allow callers to retrieve product information and images on which are deleted/updated since a specific date/time (in order to synchronize the data without having to download everything again), pick out specific category tree with its associated products etc.

If the general service are not sufficient or need any kind of customization, we can also build customized versions. However, for the vast majority of cases, the general service is enough.

[dropshadowbox align="none" effect="lifted-both" width="100%" height="" background_color="#ffffff" border_width="1" border_color="#dddddd" rounded_corners="false" inside_shadow="false" outside_shadow="false" ]The new version of OPV Online Web Service, V.176, has been implemented to support images adapted for mobile devices. There are two different mobile-adapted images to download, Hero & Mobile.[/dropshadowbox]