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Store all sorts of
media & files

OPV Storage supports all sorts of file formats, such as documents, images, audio, video. When uploading images, new formats and image sizes are always generated automatically, immediately available for download. Downloading files can be made directly through single file or multiple files via cart. Downloading via the cart always offers download links that can be forwarded via email.

Access Levels
user & user role

OPV Storage allows your organization to administer permission policy during both the user level as in the user role. This means that you can fully control the access levels for both the administration of the system, but also for other levels of authority such as: download material, upload privileges, notifications, etc.

Intuitive interface
Branded front-end

We have placed great importance to develop an intuitive interface that makes the system fast and easy to use, both for administrators as for users. Searching and downloading of files is done easily and quickly. OPV Storage can always be offered as Branded front-end, ie the login page and other pages can be implemented with your organization’s graphic interface.

Create your own
customized attributes

OPV Storage lets you create custom attributes, in addition to those included in the system. It gives you the possibility to create scroll lists, check boxes, numeric fields with validation, multi-line fields etc. OPV Storage lets you also provide the system with data through loading the meta-data, including automatic loading of keywords. This provides a powerful tool not only for stored files, but also for the data to the file.


– all prices in SEK –
  • License Cost OPV Storage
  • 1990:- / month
  • License cost is included for OPV Online customers with subscription: 301, or more.
  • ≤ 100 GB
  • 1 100:- / month
  • 100 GB – 500 GB
  • 3 000:- / month
  • 500 GB – 1000 GB
  • 5 400:- / month
  • > 1000 GB
  • Quote
  • Expansion module – NOTIFICATION
  • 175:- / month
  • Restoration of backups.
  • 990:- / hour
  • License Cost OPV Storage includes:
  • • Internet-based media portal with unrestricted access to the Customer and the Customer approved partners.
    • External users have free access to the material customer posted in OPV Storage. Access regulated by the customer.
    • Custom disk capacity, web access and database.
    • System Updates
    • System Upgrades
  • The variable cost is based on the amount of data stored in the database. The monthly cost of OPV Storage includes:
  • • Automatic end date for stored files
    • Date-controlled downloadability
    • Advanced & user friendly categorization
    • Automatic image generation
    • Dynamic product database
    • Automatic Meta Data Management
    • Admin rights to manage users and user roles
    • Usage statistics
    • A full backup every month
    • Incremental backup every day in the time span of 30 days

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