OPV® Space

OPV® Space is a Online service for suppliers and Retailers in FMCG and Pharmacy industry to access image and product information for work with Space Management. Nowadays are the shelves or freezer cabinets centralized out in all stores so the Suppliers and Retailers, regardless of geographic location, shall have uniform goods placement and together to be able to optimize sales. OPV® Space has currently over 150,000 digital product images customized for working with Planograms.


An important component in the work with Space Management is planograms, i.e. graphic diagram showing the goods placement  in the stores. For the production of planograms it’s important to have exact measurements for product packaging and a digital picture of the product packaging. With these two components the Retailer  and Stores could create virtual stores and goods placement diagrams, showing how all sections  in a store should  be utilized.

Quality assured Images

OPV quality assures all Images according to GS1® Product Image Specification. This quality assurance is a global standard in GS1®, making the images stored in our systems approved by all global recipients. All Space Images downloaded from our system is designed for direct use in all softwares available on the market  and comes in the formats PNG, TIFF, TGA and JPG.

Planograms | with image & without image