OPV® EasyLabelCreator

OPV Easy Label Creator is an additional service to the media system OPV Online. With this web application, all connected suppliers could quickly create product-related materials such as labels, sales sheets, product catalogs, promotional materials, etc. All information and images are automatically retrieved from OPV Online and the finished material is a high-resolution PDF with image and OCR text.

OPV Easy Label Creator Basic 

based on the standard structure of OPV Online and includes the following default templates:
• Label 26×105 mm no images
• Label 26×105 mm no images, Printed yellow pricing box
• Label 26×105 mm with Image
• Label 39×148,5 mm no images
• Label 39×148,5 mm no images, Printed yellow pricing box
• Etikett 39×148,5 mm with Image
• Barcode Label

OPV Easy Label Creator Premium

based on the standard structure of OPVOnline and contains the same default templates as Basic, but with the option to add your own unique templates.

OPV Easy Label Creator Creative

can have customized OPV Online structure. In addition to all the templates from the Basic part, the customer could get completely tailor-made templates with for example: Cover pages, indexing, perforation lines, logos, etc.

Contact OPV

Contact us at OPV In-Store Promotion AB, and we will tell more about how you, as OPV Online customer, could get free access to the OPV EasyLabelCretor.

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