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OPV In-Store Promotion AB has signed a partnership agreement with the world’s largest company in product data management, 1Worldsync, based in Germany and in US. 1WorldSync are certified for the Global Data Standardization Network (GDSN®), providing full coverage for GS1®-certified products and services. OPV In-Store Promotion AB is the authorized distributor for 1Worldsync’s Data Pool DSE ™, in Sweden with vicinity and this means that we provide  the sales, support and implementation for all synergy systems such as GS1 XML Mapping Service or WS | Publishing.

OPV – 1Worldsync Certified Solution Provider

OPV is certfierad Solution Provider to 1Worldsync, which means that our common systems and technologies can be integrated with each other.
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The GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network connects trading partners (manufacturers, retailers, distributors, hospitals, wholesalers and group purchase organizations) to the GS1 Global Registry®. This connection is made via a network of interoperable GDSN-certified data pools. In order to identify the trade items – within this network – the GS1 Identification Keys come into play. Their role is to support the identification of items, services, locations, logistic units, returnable containers, etc.  Specific to GDSN are three ID keys. These keys are used to help identify the trade items: the Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN), the Global Location Numbers (GLN) and the Global Product Classification (GPC).

There are five simple steps that allow trading partners to synchronise item, location and price data with each other:
Load data: the seller registers product and company information in its data pool.
Register data: a small subset of this data is sent to the GS1 Global Registry.
Request subscription: the buyer, through its own data pool, subscribes to receive a seller’s information.
Publish data: the seller’s data pool publishes the requested information to the buyer’s data pool.
Confirm & inform: the buyer sends a confirmation to the seller via each company’s data pool, which informs the supplier of the action taken by the retailer using the information.

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