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Major Release alters management of trade item information

-OPV helps you facing the large transition

The management of trade item information are facing the biggest change ever. In 1 year, the industry merges over to an entirely new standard – GDSN Major Release 3.1.

Everyone who works with trade item information must be on the train, the sooner the easier and cheaper it becomes to shift. OPV can already now offer its customers assistance in this complex matter!


The purpose of the new version is to technically simplify synchronization choreography. It will also be easier to connect as both a receiver and a data source as well as to update and expand its systems in the future.

Major Release 3.1, which will be completed in June 2016, will have major consequences for all parties involved and the transition will affect the parties in various ways. The new standard puts new requirements on Data Pools and systems that sends and receive product information. Therefore already now, both commodity producers and reseller should start thinking about how to upgrade and the possibly change made to their system.

A large number of the standard will be changed, for example in terms of logic, data types, data model, interface, etc.

Important to remember is that if you do not have prepared for the Major Release 3.1, it can be difficult to publish and receive GDSN messages after the 6th of May 2016.

OPV, based on what we know today, got the solution to most of our customers’ needs to manage the transition to Major Release 3.1. Our skilled software developer has put large amount of time to these very complex issues and looks forward to work with you to develop the solutions that best fit your company.


If you wish our assistance in preparing your business for the Major Release 3.1, you are more than welcome to contact us!

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OPV In-Store Promotion AB

Johan Danielsson, CEO

Many new clients to the OPV System

We at OPV are very excited and thankful that our Systems are suitable to so many different Suppliers. Below are some who joined this fall.

  • Balmid AB
  • British American Tobacco Sweden AB
  • Nutricia Nordica AB
  • Vilmas Knäckebröd AB
  • Allergan Norden AB
  • DNE Sverige AB
  • Elexir Pharma AB
  • Evolan Pharma AB
  • Piggo AB
  • DCG Nordic AB
  • Merial Norden A/S
  • Sunwic AB
  • Teddykompaniet
  • Wästergården AB

Welcome to the OPV family!!

Coca-Cola chose OPV to produce CGI on their entire product range

Coca-Cola Enterprise Sweden AB chose OPV to produce high resolution images with the technology CGI, for their entire range in the grocery trade that needed to be updated.Cola-330-ml-burk-x-5

The transfer from GDSN to OPV System

The transfer from the GDSN to OPV systems are in full production, with the majority of suppliers provided us with the item data including Food & Beverage Extension.

The essence of OPV System have never been that the system must be a customers SSOT, but the strength lies in the ability to syndicate your article data to as many recipients as possible in as many different ways as possible.

With the help of  M2M distribution of Article Data from SSOT GDSN, we can now offer GS1 quality assured item data for all our customers and all our receivers.

OPV has partnered with 1Worldsync

The Swedish family business OPV In-Store Promotion, located on Öland, has signed a partnership agreement with the world leader in product data management, 1WorldSync, based in Germany and the United States.

Färjestaden , Öland  SWE  (June 17, 2014)

The agreement implies that OPV In-Store Promotion, the leader in image and product information management in Sweden, and 1WorldSync, the world leader for product information and data pool solutions certified for the GS1 Global Data Standardization Network™ (GDSN®), combine their services and know-how for the Swedish market.


Customer Benefits “It is with great pride we present our new partner. Together with 1WorldSync we now can offer the Swedish market a complete system for quality assurance, storage and distribution of product data and images according to the GS1 standard. This is something we are very excited about”, says Johan Danielsson, CEO at OPV, and concludes: “The advantage for suppliers and retailers in the Swedish market is that they now have access to a global system which is at the forefront of development and competence and can benefit from 1WorldSync´s global expertise in product information management.”


OPV Industry Leader in Sweden “1WorldSync opted OPV for their advanced product data management and capture capabilities as well as its dedicated expertise in the Swedish market especially regarding the needs of retailers and manufacturers,” says Klaus Schmid, Executive Vice-President and Managing Director Europe at 1WorldSync. OPV is the industry leader in the Swedish market and are specialized in images and article information, including everything from photography and image editing to media systems and web applications. The customers – suppliers, retailers and industry associations – are mainly in the retail trade, but also in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector.


Complete Offer OPV and 1WorldSync will jointly offer the manufacturers of goods and retailers a complete system for validating, handling, storage and distribution of item data and images according to GS1 Standards. “We expect the partnership with OPV to strengthen our position in the Swedish market, allowing for both domestic and global customers to synchronize their product information with Swedish and international trading partners via the GS1 GDSN”, says Klaus Schmid.


OPV In-Store Promtion AB is an IT company located in Färjestaden on Öland. Since 1992, OPV have developed products and services to Swedish and Northern European manufacturers, retailers and trade organizations in the retail trade. The company has ten employees focused on product and service development. By working closely with the manufacturers and retailers, OPV can provide a complete system for effective management of product images and related product information in all contexts. Read more:

Ove P. from OPV

My name is Ove P. from OPV and is a new employee here at the OPV. I start my work now under the fall and will be seen both a little here and a little there. See you soon!ove_p

Apotek Hjärtats E-commerce linked with OPV Online

Apotek Hjärtat has launched an e-commerce on its Web site where consumers can shop both prescription and non-prescription medicines and other pharmacy products. Apotek Hjärtat chose OPV Web service to be guaranteed quality-assured pictures attached to an active GTIN.apotek_hjartat