New validation service covers all requirements

HERE IT IS – the validation system which automatically makes sure your images are always of high quality!OPV has developed an automatic image validation component that validates all uploaded digital images according to GS1 global standards, GS1 Product Image Specification. It has several advantages for our customers, says Ted Calmius på OPV.

THE NEW VALIDATION SERVICE will be implemented in OPV Order – the application that suppliers use when entering digital images and article information in to the OPV system. Our new validation system is capable of automatically validate more points on the GS1 Product Image Specification requirements and guidelines list, than any other system on the market. This means that suppliers can feel confident that the images which they upload to our systems, comply with the requirements of their recipients.

THE AUTOMATIC IMAGE VALIDATION means that the customer already in the upload phase can automatically validate their images – some errors can the Validation component correct automatically. Other benefits include:

  • Immediately warning if an image lacks a proper clipping path
  • Immediately visual preview how an image will look in the cut out and cropped version, with transparent background.
  • Warning if the image does not meet the requirements for image size after it has been cropped.
  • Other general information about your image, such as rulers, alpha channels, color space, resolution – in which OPV, for example, can automatically erase lines and convert the color mode.

Ted Calmius

Because the customer gets a system in the forefront comprehensive machine validation of the images that are uploaded, we raise our quality a step further because some human factors can be subtracted, says Ted Calmius.

The customer receives information about the images only seconds after it has been uploaded. After that, the customer can choose whether OPV should fix the images in cases where it’s possible or directly take further internal contact to obtain an accurate image.

THE GLOBAL STANDARD is under constant development in the GDS SMG – Product Image Specification Sub-team.
OPV is a member of the project team so we could always live up to the latest global standard to the delight and benefit of our customers, says Ted Calmius and points out to in the end:
The manual inspection we do on the images that passed the automatic validation is to ensure such that the machine validation can not.


The image resolution must be 300 PPI
The color mode can be RGB or CMYK
Change the flatness of any possible incorrect value to 1.0, convert the working path to the clipping path,
rename the incorrectly named clipping path
No alpha channels or layers (Flatten Image)
No guides or rulers
The image will be cropped after clipping path
Archive of the file should be 8 bits per color channel

New, exciting times at OPV!

Johan Danielsson

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