OPV Media Systems AB

The company name OPV comes from OPrismärkta Varor (non Price labeled goods). OPV Media Systems AB has since 1992 developed and offered systems & services for the Grocery and Pharmacy industry.

In the early 90s the pricing of product packaging disappeared in the Food Retail, to be replaced with a price label on the shelf edge. This was something completely new and the industry asked for a system that could make it easier for consumers to find the product price in the store.

OPV Media Systems Founded in 1992 and the business consisted specifically in producing shelf  labels to grocery stores. Shelf labels that were produced and delivered to 3,000 stores were provided with product image, product names, codes, unit and commodity producer’s logo.

With present ownership structure  OPV Media Systems has, a family company with headquarters in Färjestaden on Öland, existed since 2002. The company has 11 employees and is still working to develop products and services for Swedish and Northern European commodity producers, wholesalers and trade organizations in the retail trade. By working closely with commodity producers and wholesalers OPV is now providing a complete web system for effective management of product images and related product information in all contexts.

Quality with personal service

You as a customer are offered a complete complex working methods for your images and product information. We will help you to reach all those who need product pictures, environmental images, images for Space Mmanagement, product sheets, Advertising films, etc. along with the associated product information. Either you choose only to be visible on our default services or  you choose to supplement it with your own customization, where you as a customer have the ability to mirror data to a “own-labeled image bank” with its own graphical identity.

Do you need shelf labels, sales sheets or assortment lists, then this is something that you yourselves are creating in our new “easy to work with” Web application, Easy Label Creator. Through a long and well-functioning cooperation with commodity producers, Retailers, sales companies and other users, we are your link for the external management you need for your images and associated product information. We ensure that you get the right image and the right text, at the right place. Once you have chosen to work with our services, you constantly take benefit of some of the updates made to the market’s requirements and preferences, where rapid changes sometimes require quick decisions.

Own systems

All our products and services are completely self-developed and administered only by us. We have a very high security of our systems, which are governed through contracts, so that you as a customer, can feel safe when you have chosen us as your partner.

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OPV Media Systems AB
Södra Hamnplan 5E
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Tel. + 46 480-496 100