New, exciting times at OPV!

IT’S HAPPENING VERY EXCITING THINGS at OPV, events that our customers will have great joy and benefit of!

Johan Danielsson

Johan Danielsson, CEO

WE ARE EXTREMELY HAPPY that we can announce the great news that you our clients via the world-leading Data Pool company 1WorldSync (GS1) along with OPV, finally have the opportunity to a unique combination of services.

AS YOU KONW, we have always proclaimed our view that freedom of choice are for the benefit of all, both us as a supplier but mainly you as customer. Competition creates better services, lower prices and a product development which means that we as a supplier must keep in the forefront to offer the very best to our customers. And we can finally say that: now we can do! We understand that there is great dissatisfaction of everyone who felt forced into anything, but a free choice of solution provider, with reasons given the impression that OPV can’t offer optimal solutions and services.

THE JOY IS THEREFORE great when we now can show the result of our determined efforts to offer you the absolute best image and product data management. We have long seen the benefits of a global system and an international approach, unlike some other Swedish actors’ approach. And now it’s a reality!

IN THIS COPY of Active Images, we’ll tell you more about what the partnership between OPV and 1World Sync means to you as OPV customer. Don’t miss our other news – Computer-Generated Images and Automatic image validation, both of which are examples of our efforts to develop new services and products to further enhance the quality of your images.

I THANK YOU FOR WORD and wish you all an equally fine autumn as the summer we just had!

Johan Danielsson

aktiva_1ws1WorldSync choose OPV as partner

NOW IT’S ALL DONE – 1WorldSync and OPV becomes partners! This gives the Swedish market access to a unique offering from the world’s leading product data management and from the largest companies in the image and product data management.

Many advantages with the use of Computer-Generated Images

– Precise image quality
– Inexpensive, flexible and simple photographic process.
These are some of the benefits of OPV’s new service.

New validation service covers all requirements

HERE IT IS – the validation system which automatically makes sure your images are always of high quality!

Name the OPV-man

–Win SEK 1 000!